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As Florida temps rise NASA keeps an eye out from above

NASA/NOAA GOES Project image of Florida from space.

Ocean temperatures off Florida’s coast have increased five degrees above normal since early July.

Across the globe and above our heads, NASA has been monitoring record breaking temperatures and the effects of climate change.

NASA utilized research and data from its satellites and other sensors to shed light on some of the extreme weather conditions on our planet. Last month was the warmest June on record and sea temperatures have skyrocketed.

During a briefing on Thursday, July 21 NASA’s Gavin Schmidt says that this is due to our carbon footprint.

“We've been seeing record breaking sea surface temperatures even outside of the tropics for many months now and we will anticipate that is going to continue.”
Gavin Schmidt

Schmidt says these effects from a changing climate are no surprise and temperatures have been increasing for decades. He said until we limit greenhouse gas emissions, they will continue to rise.

Marian is a multimedia journalist at Central Florida Public Media working as a reporter and producer for the 'Are We There Yet?' space podcast.
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