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Q: Why did WMFE decide to rebrand?
A: We have served Central Florida for over four decades, initially delivering content exclusively over broadcast platforms. For many years, our name and our brand were synonymous with our call letters, WMFE; but over the years, our content distribution and our role in the community have expanded in response to evolving technology, audience preferences and community needs. Audiences now enjoy our journalism and fact-based content on various digital platforms including our website, mobile app, on-demand podcasts, email newsletters, and social media channels, as well as on FM and HD radio. We are also a community convener, leading Central Florida’s community conversation based on substantiated facts and respect for diverse perspectives. Finally, our broadcast footprint has expanded, with the addition of a new radio signal, 89.5 WMFV, in 2018.

We feel the time is right for a new brand that encompasses the full scope of our content, service area, and role in Central Florida’s civic and cultural life.

Q: Why Central Florida Public Media?
A: Our new name expresses who we are and what we do in clear, accessible language. It reflects our focus on serving Central Florida and our dedication to being the only local, nonprofit news organization covering our nine-county region. It speaks to our home and footprint in a clear, concise way; speaks to our community funded nonprofit status; and takes us beyond our broadcast frequencies.

Q: Has there been any change in ownership or management as part of the rebranding process?
A: There will be no change in ownership or management. Central Florida Public Media will remain the only independent, public media news organization based in Orlando and serving nine counties across Central Florida. We are still a nonprofit, governed by a local Board of Trustees. We continue to depend on community support, with almost 90% of funding coming from individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors and only 10% from state and federal government sources.

Q: How will the rebrand affect existing shows, hosts, reporters, and staff?
A: Our rebrand will not alter programming. You’ll still hear your favorite shows, podcasts, and voices, and the same reporters will still bring you in-depth news on the air and online. Our call letters will remain the same, and FCC rules mean you’ll still hear them at the top of each hour.

Q: What changes can audiences expect from the rebrand?
A: You will notice a transition to our new name and our fresh new visual identity across various touchpoints, including on the air, in our podcasts, on the app, on social media and more. Central Florida Public Media will stay true to our vision and mission, aiming to be Central Florida’s essential source for distinctive journalism that’s grounded in listening and committed to creating a safe but challenging space to broaden our understanding of each other and the world. However, we are evolving with the introduction of new topics and perspectives to engage diverse audiences. We’re already growing our service with the launch of our two newest programs, Engage and The Wrap.

Q: Does Central Florida Public Media sell or share member account information (name, phone number, address or e-mail)?
A: Central Florida Public Media does not sell, rent, or trade its member list. Donor information in the Central Florida Public Media member database is completely confidential.

Q: What is the address for Central Florida Public Media?
A: 11510 East Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32817

Q: What is a Sustaining Member?
A: Monthly sustaining memberships are the most efficient way to support Central Florida Public Media. You choose the monthly contribution amount. Enroll once with your credit/debit card, or opt for automatic bank drafts (our preferred method of giving). Central Florida Public Media will take care of transferring your donation each month. Your support is ongoing and helps keep the station strong for the Central Florida community.

Q: How can I enroll as a sustainer with automatic bank drafts?
A: Have your checking/savings account and routing numbers handy and call 407-514-1750. You can also enroll online.

Q: How can I enroll as a sustainer with my credit/debit card?
A: Have your credit/debit card handy and call 407-514-1750. You can also enroll online.

Q: Can I temporarily suspend or cancel my sustaining membership?
A: Yes, you can temporarily suspend or cancel your sustaining membership at anytime no questions asked. Please call  Member Services at 407-514-1750.

Q: How do I change the monthly gift amount of my sustaining membership?
A: If you started your sustaining membership over the phone or through the mail, please call Member Services at 407-514-1750.

Q: I have a new credit/debit card. How do I update my sustaining membership?
A: If you started your sustaining membership over the phone or through the mail, please call Member Services at 407-514-1750. For your own safety, please do not e-mail your credit/debit card information to us.

Q: How do I change my mailing address?
A: Please send your OLD and NEW name and address to member-services@cfpublic.org or call us at 407-514-1750.

Q: I am moving out of the area. How do I stop WMFE mailings?
A: Before you move, call Member Services at 407-514-1750 or e-mail member-services@cfpublic.org and ask to have your mailings stopped.

Q: What is the Cornerstone Society?
A: Cornerstone Society members contribute $1,200 or more annually to Central Florida Public Media. As a Cornerstone Society Member, you make a major impact by helping maintain the high standards it takes to serve as one of Central Florida’s most vital media sources. Your gift ensures that Central Florida Public Media is here today and tomorrow for all of those who listen. Learn more about the Cornerstone Society.

Q: How can I include Central Florida Public Media in my will or living trust?
A: You can make a gift (bequest) to Central Florida Public Media through your will or living trust by designating a percentage of your total estate, the residue or a portion of the residue, or a specific dollar amount. Visit cfpmlegacy.org for more information.

Q: How can I give a gift of stock?
A: Giving appreciated stock to Central Florida Public Media can result in tax benefits for you. Call Nicole Abbondandolo at 407-273-2300 extension 111, or e-mail her at nicole@cfpublic.org for more information.

Q: My employer participates in a matching gift program. Where can I get the forms and where do I send them?
A: Request matching gift forms from your Human Resources department. Send completed forms to:

Central Florida Public Media - Member Services
11510 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32817

We'll take care of the rest!

Do you have a question that doesn’t appear on our FAQs? E-mail it to member-services@cfpublic.org  or call 407-514-1750.