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About Us


Our vision is to lead Central Florida’s community conversation, based on substantiated facts and respect for diverse perspectives.

We aim to be the essential source for distinctive journalism, grounded in listening and committed to creating a safe but challenging space to broaden our understanding of each other and the world.

We strive to be a model workplace that embraces risk, innovation, and authenticity.


Central Florida Public Media provides Central Florida with journalism and fact-based content that empower the community to better understand and participate in our diverse and complex world.

Who We Serve

We serve Central Floridians who seek unbiased, factual, truthful information and nuanced discussion -- people who share a common curiosity and concern about the complex issues and challenges facing our community, nation, and world.

How We Serve

We produce and curate independent, trustworthy journalism with a singular agenda to help Central Floridians understand and engage with our community, nation, and world.

We provide thoughtful, fact-based discussion, human stories, and cultural programs that build understanding, empathy, and joy.

We provide these services wherever and however our audience needs them, including via FM and HD radio, on-demand digital platforms, social media, and live events.

Problems We Solve

Central Florida Public Media addresses four key community challenges:

  • Misinformation & Disinformation
    In a time when information is plentiful but not always factual, we are fiercely committed to accuracy and context in all our content.
  • Shrinking Journalism Ecosystem
    In a time of declining investment in professional journalism across the nation and in Central Florida, we are committed to preserving and bolstering the critical role of a free press in our democratic society.
  • Division
    In a time of extreme discord in our nation and our community, we are committed to providing a space for civil, thoughtful dialogue that creates a sense of community by building understanding of diverse perspectives, experiences, and realities.
  • Uncertainty
    In a time of constant change and anxiety about the future, we are committed to providing clarity without sensationalism, in order to empower our audience to make informed decisions.

How We’re Funded

Central Florida Public Media is community-owned and operated and are supported by generous individual donors, foundations, corporate sponsors, and state and federal funding sources.

Central Florida Public Media, previously named WMFE, is a nonprofit, public media news organization based in Orlando, Fla., dedicated to delivering trustworthy, independent journalism to nine counties across Central Florida. Community owned and independently operated, Central Florida Public Media is primarily supported by generous individual donors, foundations and corporate sponsors. The organization operates 90.7, metro Orlando’s primary provider of NPR programming; 90.7-2 HD Classical; and 89.5 WMFV, public radio for The Villages, Leesburg and The Golden Triangle. Additionally, Central Florida Public Media’s programming can be enjoyed on multiple platforms including all podcast platforms, smart speakers and the Central Florida Public Media app and website.