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The Florida Roundup
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Each week, The Florida Roundup brings us up to speed on all things Florida- be it politics, the environment, the economy, culture and more. Join host Tom Hudson for lively discussion with newsmakers, journalists and you! Email the program radio@TheFloridaRoundup.org

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Radio Show Episodes
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about how affordability challenges are forcing some older Floridians to return to work, with Tampa Bay Times reporter Lauren Peace (03:16) and further explore how retirement is changing in the state with Central Florida Public Media reporter Joe Byrnes and Anne Ray of UF’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies (11:36). And we remember the life and legacy of Bob Graham with former Florida lawmaker Dick Batchelor (25:30) and later journalist Dan Christensen (31:42). Plus, a few environmental updates from across the state (37:20).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about warm waters in the Atlantic and what it means for coral reefs with Brian McNoldy and Dalton Hesley with the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric and Earth Science and WLRN’s environmental editor Jenny Staletovich (00:30). Plus, we talk about this week’s legal settlement reached in the ongoing feud between Disney and Gov. DeSantis’ allies with the Orlando Sentinel’s Skyler Swisher (26:00). And later, why the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Baltimore is a chilling reminder for Tampa Bay residents (37:14), ‘mangrove rangers’ roam the coastline in a bid to preserve our disappearing mangroves (38:33) and a conversation with photojournalist Octavio Jones about his recent reporting trip in Haiti (44:52).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about a proposed federal bill to lower property insurance rates with Broward County Commissioner Steve Geller (02:47) and then discuss concerns on Capitol Hill over the state’s largest home insurer with the Insurance Information Institute's Mark Friedlander (10:52). Then, we talk about why real estate commissions could be changing and what it means for Florida realtors with the Consumer Federation of America's Stephen Brobeck (26:46). Plus, a recap of this week’s elections (37:21), an update on the turmoil in Haiti and its impact in Florida (39:20), why some state universities are giving students more time to decide (46:34) and March Madness meets spring training (47:44).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we were joined by NPR’s Sarah McCammon to discuss her new book, “The Exvangelicals: Loving, Living, and Leaving the White Evangelical Church” (02:50). Then, we spoke about the settlement reached this week in a case against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law with the attorneys who represented the plaintiffs (20:42). Plus, we heard from Dr. Ashley L. White with the NAACP about their advisory to student-athletes considering Florida public universities (29:12). And later, a collection of environmental news from around the state (37:18).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we look at some of the most notable bills that passed during the 2024 legislative session with WMFE’s Danielle Prieur (00:30) and WFSU’s Gina Jordan (05:35). Then, we ask the President of FHA how a major healthcare cyber attack is impacting Florida’s hospital system (09:08). Plus, we are joined by a White House senior advisor to talk about what President Biden’s SOTU means for Florida voters (19:23). Next we preview a Reveal report about navigating post-Roe v Wade abortion laws (30:52). And later, spring break grips the state (37:21) and a roundup of recent sports stories (43:40).
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we look at a bill moving through the Legislature that would prohibit local governments from enacting heat ordinances with reporter Valerie Crowder.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, a WLRN investigation looks into how a new state law is eliminating public unions that had represented tens of thousands of state and public government workers. We spoke with the reporter behind that investigation as well as the law’s sponsor in the Florida House. And six years later, we remember the Parkland 17 and look at how the March For Our Lives movement has affected the NRA’s influence nationally. Plus, we hear about a Florida man briefly stealing the spotlight on Super Bowl Sunday and another Florida man who did something no one else has done in a Super Bowl — and now is going to the Hall of Fame.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talk about a proposal to prohibit children 16 and under from creating social media accounts with the bill's House sponsor and then an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (13:20). After that, we turn to a reporter in El Paso, Texas, for more on how Florida’s National and State Guards are being used at the U.S. Southern border. Later, WLRN’s health reporter breaks down this week’s Florida Supreme Court hearings over the abortion ballot measure, and then we round up education stories from the week. And finally, Netflix subscribers in Florida brace for a new tax.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we talked about proposed changes to the state’s child labor laws with Florida Rep. John Snyder and WLRN’s investigative reporter Danny Rivero. Then, we spoke with legendary journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein about the current state of journalism and American Democracy. Plus, we round up some news stories about homelessness in Florida before checking in on a new Orlando-area volleyball team. We also preview “Never Drop the Ball,” a new documentary that explores how Black baseball players built a brand of baseball out of segregation and into a worldwide pastime.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we spoke with the director of the Congressional Budget Office about how the country’s population is expected to get older. Then, we talked with FSU researchers about Florida’s rapidly aging coastal communities. Plus, we spoke with a Politico reporter Gary Fineout and UCF political science professor Aubrey Jewett about how Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move away from the presidential race will affect state politics. We also spoke with former state Sen. Jeff Brandes about how the governor’s return affects Florida’s Republican Party. Then, later, a briefing on recent legislative news.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we speak with a Jacksonville-based owner of a Kava Bar about kratom, and we look into the Tampa Bay Times’ multipart investigation into the kratom industry with some of the reporters who contributed to the series. Then, a conversation with longtime Florida reporter Matt Dixon about his latest book exploring the battle between former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis. And later, we find out how federal lawsuits are challenging the way real estate agents have been paid for decades. Plus, why some lawmakers consider changing Florida’s official state bird.
  • This week on The Florida Roundup, we fact-checked Gov. Ron DeSantis’ State of the State address with PolitiFact. Then, we spoke with the former secretary for the Agency for Health Care Administration about Florida’s plan to import prescription drugs from Canada. Next, we heard from Sen. Jason Pizzo, D-Hollywood, about his push for condo reforms and then spoke with the new chairman of the Florida Republican Party. Plus, an update on winter storms from the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network and some recent education news. Finally, we ask: Is it “Sani-belle” or and “San-a-bull”?