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Support Central Florida Public Media with the NPR+ Podcast Bundle

We’re excited to announce that Central Florida Public Media is among the very first NPR Member Stations to pilot the brand new NPR+ podcast bundle as a special thank you gift for donations through plus.npr.org/cfpm. This means listeners in our area can be the first to try this new digital donation gift, and support Central Florida Public Media in the process!

What is the NPR+ podcast bundle?
NPR+ is a special collection of podcast benefits that includes bonus episodes and sponsor-free listening for some of NPR’s most popular national podcasts. This means you can listen to podcasts like Fresh Air or Code Switch with no inserted sponsor breaks and you can even enjoy bonus episodes and behind the scenes content for shows like Planet Money and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me. You can see all of the included podcasts on plus.npr.org.

How does the NPR+ Podcast Bundle support Central Florida Public Media?
100% of your tax deductible donation through our NPR+ signup page will go directly to Central Florida Public Media.

I’m already a donor to Central Florida Public Media, do I get access to the NPR+ Podcast Bundle automatically?
If you have an existing active recurring donation in our system for a minimum of $8/month, then yes, you can get NPR+ (but not automatically). It requires some manual work on our end to grant you access. First, check your email inbox (and junk folder) to see if maybe we’ve sent you an invite to NPR+ already. If you haven’t received an email inviting you to activate your account, but you are sure that you have an existing recurring donation of $8/month or more, then just email us at member-services@cfpublic.org we’ll help you get set up!

Can I get a refund for the NPR+ bundle?
The NPR+ bundle is a “thank you” gift for your charitable contribution to Central Florida Public Media. As a thank you gift and not a “subscription” service, refunds are generally not provided. However, if you are dissatisfied with Central Florida Public Media or NPR and would like your donation returned from the current calendar year, please contact Member Services at memberservices@cfpublic.org or 407-273-2300 x117
and we will be happy to assist you. If emailing, please provide details about why you’re choosing to cancel. Your feedback is very helpful.

Have more questions or need help?
Check out our FAQ page for more information, including helpful contact information.