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Orlando kickoff for Yes on 4 campaign launches this weekend

The campaign kickoff is scheduled for Saturday at Lake Eola.
The campaign kickoff is scheduled for Saturday at Lake Eola.

A campaign aimed at protecting abortion rights in the state of Florida, is launching on Saturday, April 13 in Orlando.

Two separate Florida Supreme Court rulings this month upheld the state’s 15-week abortion ban and allowed Amendment 4 to appear on the ballot.

If 60% of Floridians approve the amendment in November, it will enshrine abortion rights in the state up to the point of viability, which is about 24 weeks.

It will also effectively overrule a 15-week abortion ban in the state, and a 6-week abortion ban that is expected to take effect on May 1.

Saturday’s rally at Lake Eola for the Yes on 4 campaign launch aims to educate Floridians about abortion in Florida and drum up support for the amendment.

Current Florida law bans all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, and requires anyone seeking an abortion to complete two doctor’s visits within a 24-hour waiting period.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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