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Future of abortion access; Eatonville Black history museum; Amapoundcake

Abortion Measure to Appear on 2024 Ballot

Two rulings from the Florida Supreme Court this week impact the future of abortion access in the state. On Monday, the High Court upheld the 15-week abortion ban that paves the way for a six-week ban to take effect in the state. The other decision presents Florida voters with the opportunity to restore abortion rights lost after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Sarah Parker is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices of Southwest Florida. The organization is part of a statewide committee that worked to put abortion on the ballot in 2024. She joins Engage to talk about the impact of the court’s decisions.

On the other side of this debate is the Liberty Counsel, a conservative non-profit that advocates for strict Christian doctrine through legal channels. Mat Staver is the organization’s Chairman who personally argued against the ballot initiative before the Florida Supreme Court. Staver joins Engage to share his reaction to the rulings.

Reggie Mitchell is an attorney and Florida A&M University College of Law Associate Instructor in Orlando. He joins Engage to parse out the ballot initiative process.

Eatonville Mayor Pitches For Black History Museum

The Town of Eatonville holds a special place not just in Florida history, but in American history. In 1887, it became the first all-Black municipality to become incorporated. Eatonville’s leaders are looking to preserve that legacy by opening the official Florida Museum of Black History. Mayor Angie Gardner joins Engage to discuss their push for the museum and other matters in the small town.

Amapoundcake Encourages Positive Body Imaging

Danni Adams is a body image coach from Sanford and creator of AmaPoundcake. She speaks about the effect of beauty standards on girls and on food insecurity. Danni also serves women she says are hurt by anti-black beauty standards and weight discrimination. As an activist, she focuses on body positivity. As an influencer, she went viral for marrying herself in a formal ceremony. Danni joins Engage to talk about supporting people dealing with body image issues.

Cheryn joined WMFE after several years as a weekend news anchor at Spectrum News 13 in Orlando.