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Dozens of students speak out against Volusia Schools reorganization

Zion Tapp speaks out against changes to Deltona High School's choir program.
Volusia County YouTube Screenshot
Zion Tapp speaks out against changes to Deltona High School's choir program.

Almost 40 people signed up to speak during public comment at the Volusia County School Board meeting on Tuesday, April 9, following the district’s reorganization that displaced teachers.

Dozens of students were among teachers, parents and staff who spoke out against the district’s reorganization that displaced teachers and canceled classes.

Student Zion Tapp spoke out against the Deltona High School choir program being consolidated. He said choir defined his life in high school.

“I just I can't fathom the idea of a school without a choir. A school without a marching band for a school football game. It's just going to be quiet in the stands. It just it makes no sense to me,” Tapp said.

Another student who spoke out against the reorganization was Austin Lane.

The New Smyrna Beach High student said his digital video technology class was cut. He said that move could hurt students' chances at succeeding academically in high school, and in adult life after.

“So it's very important, I think, for the future of students in their careers to have these classes. Pretty much every company you can think of needs someone who is very fluent in the software, and just knows what they're doing in the space,” Lane said.

In a statement released by the district last week, spokesperson Danielle Johnson said that programs and classes would not be canceled throughout the district due to the district-wide changes.

The district said the reorganization was needed due to a loss of millions of dollars of COVID funds.

Teachers were told when they returned from Spring Break whether they would get to continue to teach the same classes and at the same school, or if they would be forced to change their subject area and school site in the new school year.

Watch the school board meeting here:

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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