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Intersection: Friday News Round Table


The long, grueling presidential election is moving into the next phase. The Iowa caucus is just days away and most polls have Donald Trump winning by a healthy margin, with Ted Cruz in hot pursuit and Jeb Bush at the back of the field. Donald Trump, by the way, wasn’t even in the latest debate, but there’s still a long way to go in the campaign. What does Iowa mean for Jeb, or Marco Rubio for that matter? We’ll talk about the latest debate and the Iowa caucus.

Then, medical marijuana supporters net enough signatures to get an amendment on the ballot for November. But will they get enough votes in November? Is this a boost for folks who are just looking for something to help them cope with debilitating illness, or is it a bad move as opponents say?

We’ll also talk about the ongoing Daytona Beach homeless saga...an emergency shelter opens but some beds stay unfilled as the homeless stick to their encampment outside the Volusia County administration building on Beach Street.

And Orange County residents have brand new trash bins, but many of them aren’t happy. County officials have been flooded with complaint calls.