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Intersection: Pulse Trial Update; Space Race; Mentoring Chefs


Jurors are hearing evidence in the trial of Noor Salman, the Pulse gunman’s widow. Prosecutors are laying out an argument that she helped Omar Mateen plan his attack on the nightclub in June 2016. But the defense team tells a very different story.

On this episode of Intersection, legal expert Charles Rose from Stetson College of Law, discusses the approach of the prosecution, and the path forward for the defense.

Then- a closer look at the boom in commercial space exploration happening right here in our backyard, with 90.7's space reporter Brendan Byrne.

And Kathleen Blake was inspired by her grandmother to start cooking, before developing her culinary skills under the eye of San Francisco chef Joyce Goldstein. Now, Blake tells Intersection, she's helping mentor a new generation of female chefs in Central Florida.