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Growing Bolder: Kenny G; Mimi Sheraton; Willie Murphy; Paul Reiser


Kenny G may be one of the most successful artists of all time, but did you know he couldn't even make his high school band? He reveals how he overcome this early disappointment and how it fueled him to learn all he could about making music.

Get ready to get hungry. Mimi Sheraton, the grand dame of food journalism, is revealing the 1,000 foods you need to eat before you die. And if you can't travel to the food, she has tips for bringing the foods to you. Bon appétit!

Can your grandma do a one-arm pull-up or deadlift 215 pounds? Willie Murphy can! Get to know this 105-pound, 77-year-old dynamo and listen to her important message, particularly for women or seniors who think they can't strength train.

After stepping out of the spotlight for years to focus on raising his small children with his wife of 25 years, Paul Reiser is returning to what made him fall in love with show business -- stand-up comedy. He describes what it's like to be back on stage.

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