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Central Florida lawmakers respond to AP African American Studies course changes

Geraldine Thompson
Danielle Prieur
Rep. Geraldine Thompson wants more protections in place to ensure Florida kids are learning African American history.

The College Board has released a new framework for an AP African American Studies class.

The board stripped the class of several modules that the Florida Department of Education took issue with calling it, “indoctrination.”

Black Queer Studies along with Black Lives Matter are no longer on the exam. And a new section called Black Conservatism has also been added to the course.

Democratic Rep. Geraldine Thompson said students who she’s spoken to in her district don’t feel they learn enough Black history in Florida’s K-12 schools.

“And so they were resentful," said Thompson. "That they could have come through 12 years of public schools, public education, in Florida and not know these facts which are in fact American history."

Thompson called on people in the state to make their voices heard on some of the changes taking place in Florida’s education system.

“So the change that has occurred in America has generally been from the bottom up rather than the top down," said Thompson. "So nobody is going to accept this top down kind of approach to our history. And, you know, just accept it quietly and not resist. So it doesn't surprise me that all over the country people are saying that this is outrageous, and it is insulting.”

The course is currently being piloted at 60 schools throughout the country. The class is divided up into four sections including: the African diaspora, freedom, enslavement and resistance, the practice of freedom, and movement and debates.

Within these sections, students will study a variety of units on topics ranging from Black power and Black pride to diversity within Black communities.

Read the full framework here.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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