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Officials at Orlando International Airport Say They Don't "Expect Any Significant Impact" From Elsa

Photo: Arnel Hasanovic
Photo: Arnel Hasanovic

The storm is expected to bring heavy rain and wind gusts to the Central Florida area on Tuesday.

Airport officials say they continue to monitor Tropical Storm Elsa. The storm is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to the Central Florida area this week. 

In a Tweet, they say they do not, “anticipate any significant impact to airport operations.” 

But depending on how the storm tracks, some flight and baggage delays may occur over the next few days.

Passengers should check with their airline carrier before arriving at the airport for any changes to their flight.

The storm comes during one of the busiest 13-day holiday travel periods MCO has seen since before the pandemic. 

The airport is expected to welcome some 110,341 guests on Tuesday and another 111,422 on Wednesday.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.