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"There's A New Scholarship in Town." Superintendent Barbara Jenkins, Michael Brown Announce Eatonville Scholarship Program

Photo: Brooke Cagle
Photo: Brooke Cagle

Orange County Public Schools announced a new scholarship program in conjunction with Michael Brown’s Travel + Leisure Company for Eatonville students.

The Travel + Leisure Eatonville Scholarship Program will be open to graduating seniors who attended Hungerford Elementary. These students will graduate from Edgewater, Evans, and Wekiva high schools. 

Superintendent Barbara Jenkins says the scholarships will give some 200 students the opportunity to attend a Florida public college, university or technical school. 

Jenkins says that’s significant progress toward leveling the academic playing field. 

“But we understand that some of our children need a little extra. That’s the whole issue of equity. That everybody’s not on an even playing field. If everyone’s trying to reach a shelf for a box of cookies. Some children need an extra large step ladder. And some can reach it quite easily.”

[audio wav="https://www.wmfe.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/13005-clip-1-1.wav"][/audio]

School Board Chair Teresa Jacobs echoed Jenkins. She says scholarships like this one make the dream of college possible for every student.

“You know, we like to think of America as the land of opportunity. And it is. It is. But we can’t confuse the fact that everyone does not have equal access to that opportunity."

[audio wav="https://www.wmfe.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/13006_OCPS_DANIELLE-1.wav"][/audio]

Jacobs says the scholarship mirrors the Tangelo Park preschool and school scholarship that Harris Rosen of Rosen Hotels setup.

The scholarship will be available beginning with next year's incoming class of seniors.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.