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League of Women Voters of Florida Elects New President

Photo: Cecile Scoon
Photo: Cecile Scoon

Civil rights lawyer Cecile Scoon has been elected to lead the League of Women Voters of Florida. She’s served as the Vice President since 2018. 
Scoon is the first Black woman elected to lead The League. Chosen in the midst of the global pandemic, Scoon says her goal is to increase communication across the state within the 30 different leagues spanning from Pensacola to Miami. "So many of us are becoming really good at a particular technique because of the demand of our locality. And that information can be shared a little bit more fully when we sit down and plan to share and when we enjoy each other in conversation." Scoon says one of her first tasks is to educate Florida voters on the new rules involving vote by mail and drop boxes. She worries some of the changes could cause confusion amongst voters. The League filed a lawsuit against the latest changes almost immediately after Governor Ron DeSantis signed them into law.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.