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Weekend Storms Delay, Cancel Flights at Orlando International Airport

Photo: Ashim D'Silva
Photo: Ashim D'Silva

Storms over the weekend caused a slowdown in air traffic at Orlando International Airport on Saturday, Sunday and into Monday.

Thirty flights were delayed and about 10 to 15 flights were canceled due to heavy wind and rains. 

Some international passengers are still waiting to depart the airport today after their flights were cancelled. 

There was no data available on the number of passengers who had been impacted by the cancellations. 

MCO continues to be the busiest airport in Florida with nearly two million people using the airport for business and vacation travel in January alone. 

As travel increases, so do COVID-19 cases in TSA workers at the airport. Already today the 215th case of coronavirus on the workforce has been announced in a TSA agent whose last day at the security checkpoint was April 11.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.