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Intersection: Unpacking The Anti-Riot Bill; What Medicaid Expansion Would Mean For Florida

Frank Torres (l) and Dick Batchelor. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE

Proponents of HB1- the so-called anti-riot bill- say it protects free speech and guards against looting. Opponents say it criminalizes protest. 

On this episode of Intersection, we talk with political analysts Frank Torres and Dick Batchelor about the anti-riot bill and other controversial bills in the legislative session.

Plus- some healthcare advocates say it’s just a matter of time before medicaid expansion happens in the sunshine state. 

Health care is the second largest item in the budget: And The pandemic and recent federal incentives have reignited the debate in Florida on whether or not to expand Medicaid. 

We’ll talk with WMFE health reporter Abe Aboraya, Robin Rudowitz with the Kaiser Family Foundation; Miriam Harmetz with the Florida Health Justice project and Anne Swerlick with the Florida Policy Institute -about the potential impact of expansion.