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9 Killed, At Least 16 Injured In Shooting In Dayton, Ohio

John Minchillo, AP
Bodies are removed from the scene of a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Sunday.

Updated at 5:36 a.m. ET

In the second major mass shooting in less than 24 hours in the United States, police confirm that nine people were killed and at least 16 injured early Sunday in Dayton, Ohio.

The shooter was killed by police officers.

"Dayton is a very safe area, downtown Dayton is a very safe area," Lt. Col. Matt Carper of the Dayton Police Department said. "This is extremely unusual obviously for any community, let alone Dayton. And in our Oregon District, this is unheard of and very sad. It's a very tragic evening," he told reporters shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday.

Police say the shooting started at 1 a.m. outside in the city's Oregon District. In what Carper called a "very short timeline of violence," the shooter used what police called a "long gun." Carper said police are investigating the possibility of more shooters being involved, but "it looks like" only one shooter was responsible.

Police did not identify the shooter and said they are working on identifying the suspect.

Dayton Police said officers were in the immediate vicinity when the shooting started and were able to respond quickly. No officers were injured.

Carper said 16 people are in area hospitals that officials "are aware of" and they are in unknown condition.

The Dayton police have trained for years for active shooting situations, Carper said. Twenty-one medic units responded to the scene and the FBI is on the scene to assist in the investigation.

This is a developing story. Some things that get reported by the media will later turn out to be wrong. We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene. We will update as the situation develops.
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