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Intersection: Governor's Race and Second Amendment Issues

Florida Governor's Mansion
Florida Governor's Mansion

It’s a crowded field of candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, with five candidates now in the race. Meanwhile- there are calls for agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam- running on the GOP ticket for Governor- to resign. What’s behind those calls?

Democratic analyst Carol Cox and Republican analyst Molly Nardella join Intersection to talk about the issues driving the Democratic gubernatorial campaign, and how Adam Putnam is handling fallout over his agency's handling of concealed carry permits. 291 people were issued concealed carry permits in error, after an employee failed to review background checks. But Putnam says the employee was fired, and while those permits were revoked, none of the 291 had red flags. 

Nardella tells Intersection the Republican party is "trying hard to have a logical conversation which does not infringe upon the rights of the second amendment."

"There needs to be the proper analysis when it comes to regulations infringing upon a constitutional amendment," Nardella says.

"Children's lives are absolutely important, but the Constitution regulates the relationship between the government and its citizens.  It's telling the government 'you cannot infringe on this right,'" Nardella says.

Cox says the Democratic party does support the second amendment, but also wants "reasonable support of the second amendment."

"We don't want to allow people to have tanks and grenades and things like that, so why should people be allowed to have assault weapons?" says Cox.