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Intersection: Sinkholes; Theme Parks; Jacobsen Brothers

A cluster of sinkholes in an Ocala neighborhood has forced some residents to move out. Engineers are testing the ground to see what’s caused the sinkholes and when it might be safe for those residents to return home.

Florida is a sinkhole prone state, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about why they appear and when.

On this episode of Intersection, UCF engineering professor Manoj Chopra joins us to explain the science of sinkholes  and insurance specialist Patrick Joy joins the conversation with tips on how to be sinkhole savvy.

Disney and Universal are in a hiring spree. Is it the usual summer theme park jobs boom or something more? Rich Bilbao from the Orlando Business Journal lays out what’s next in the battle for theme park supremacy. 

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra capped off its 25th anniversary season with a performance from cellist Yo Yo Ma and violinist Colin Jacobsen. Colin and his brother, Orlando Philharmonic artistic director Eric Jacobsen, join us for a conversation about brotherhood, table tennis, and the healing power of music.