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Spotlight: StoryCorps on "Synthestruct"

Stuart Bogue and Ginger Leigh. Photo by Isaac Babcock
Stuart Bogue and Ginger Leigh. Photo by Isaac Babcock

For the month of December, “Spotlight” is bringing you StoryCorps interviews from Central Florida’s arts and culture scene. The conversations were recorded by 90.7 at Creative City Project’s “Immerse” event in October.

Interviews were recorded in WMFE's mobile booth in downtown Orlando.

Today, we hear from Orlando-based “interactive designer” Ginger Leigh. She told art teacher Stuart Bogue about her love for math, coding, and immersive experiences…and how all of these things come together in the art she creates under the name “Synthestruct.”

"When I'm not working on creative installations, then I love creating number systems and different languages, basically systems in general, very much math inspired," said Leigh.

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