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Intersection: Creative City Project

Image: Creative City Project
Image: Creative City Project

Cole NeSmith started the Creative City Project in 2012. This year the Creative City's Immerse event features 1000 artists and performers in downtown Orlando.  

NeSmith has big plans for the future of the Creative City project- he wants it to change the way people perceive Central Florida. 

"This year we're doing something that I think will be really spectacular," says NeSmith.

"We're building a 46 foot tall scaffolding castle that will have multiple levels on it, and we'll 16 drummers from the Orlando Magic Rhythm and Blue drum line all over the multiple levels of our scaffolding tower," he says.

Already, NeSmith is planning shows for the next three years.

"We hope this truly does become a destination event for people," he says.

"The way we describe it is what Art Basel is the for the visual arts in Miami and South By Southwest has become for music and so many other things in Austin, the Creative City Project and Immerse would become for the city of Orlando."

This year's event kicks off on Saturday October 21st, at 5pm.