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Intersection: DeBary, Bears, Kids on Leashes

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

When you visit the theme parks you see them, young kids on leashes. Now the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo is motivating some parents to not be so judgmental and rethink the leash. Are you one of them?

It’s official - the NFL’s exhibition Pro Bowl game is coming to Orlando. Are you ready to line up and get your tickets? Is Orlando on its way to becoming a football city?

DeBary delays booting its controversial mayor. Is irritating the city council grounds for throwing out an elected official? Whether you’re on #TeamClint or not, what damage does this do to democracy when a city council can oust an elected official? And does the debacle in DeBary divert attention away from the city’s development plans near Gemini Springs?

Hurricane season is here. Are you blowing the cobwebs off your emergency kit? Are you suffering hurricane amnesia? Or are you one of the millions of Floridians who has never experienced a storm - what are your concerns?

And the NRA’s Marion Hammer weighs in on the Florida bear hunt. Will hunters again be lining up black bears in their cross-hairs this Fall?

Frank Torres, editor of the Orlando Political Observer, Jessica Saggio, host of the podcast Boiled Down Brevard at Florida Today and Darryl Owens, communications director for Beacon College and columnist for FloridaPolitics.com, join host Matthew Peddie for the Friday news round table.