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One Solution To Affordable Housing: Build Small


Finding affordable housing can be a big challenge, but the answer may be to build small and fast.

Tim McKinney of United Global Outreach and Bill Ford from New Dignity Homes talk about a project to bring small homes to Bithlo in Orange County.

McKinney and Ford say these homes can be put up in just a few days, and won’t break the bank.

"This is not a tiny home," says McKinney of the 545 sq. ft. model.

"This is an actual home on a concrete foundation."

McKinney wants to build 48 of the small homes in Bithlo.

"The concept is to provide a home that can be bolted, screwed together and get up in a very short period of time," said Ford.

He says the foundation can be laid in a week, then the house could be put up in a couple of days. "So, within a week, we could have one of these homes ready for someone to live in."

Ford said the home is modeled on a hunting cabin, with modern amenities.

"Tim challenged us with the ability to provide a home, but only if we were willing to live in it," says Ford. He says the two story home will cost around $30,000.

McKinney and Ford say they'll set up the first of these small homes in Bithlo as soon as they work out impact fee costs with Orange County.