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Ted Cruz Bashes Trump At Town Hall In Orlando


Nearly a thousand supporters watched GOP presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz tape a show with Fox News’ Sean Hannity in Orlando Friday morning. Cruz aimed most of his fire at front runner Donald Trump.

In jeans and boots, Cruz painted himself as a consistent conservative who will repeal Obamacare and abolish the IRS.

He spent much of the time attacking Trump, calling him a weak candidate who doesn’t offer solutions. “I’ve laid out a very, very detailed spending plan $500 billion in specific spending cuts,” said Cruz. “Did you notice last night in the entire debate, Donald was not willing to list a single thing he would cut.”

Former GOP challenger Carly Fiorina was there to endorse Cruz. He hedged his answer when Hannity asked him whether Fiorina could be his running mate. He called her an extraordinary and serious thinker, “I am humbled to be here with her,” he said.

In the delegate count, Cruz trails Trump by 99 delegates – the exact number up for grabs in Florida’s presidential primary. Most polls show Cruz behind Trump and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the state.