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Intersection: Focus On Education

Beacon College classroom. PHOTO: Beacon College
Beacon College classroom. PHOTO: Beacon College

Among the first pieces of legislation signed into law by Governor Rick Scott this year were bills aimed at helping students with special needs.

The new legislation is personally significant for Senate President Andy Gardiner, whose son Andrew has Down syndrome. We’ll talk with Andy Gardiner about what Florida is doing to help students who, as he puts it, have unique abilities.

Then, Beacon College is the first college in the U.S. to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. George Hagerty, the president of the college, talks about Beacon's unique challenges.

And, as families from Puerto Rico and other countries flock to Central Florida, Osceola County teacher Manny Hernandez says schools need to do more to help students whose first language is not English.