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Want To See A Baby Giraffe? Baby Girl Born At Brevard Zoo

Photo courtesy of the Brevard Zoo.
Photo courtesy of the Brevard Zoo.

A baby giraffe is now on exhibit at the Brevard Zoo. She was born on November 29th, at six feet, 152 pounds. Zoological Manager Chad Davis said there may be an auction or public contest to name her.

Davis said they’re calling her “baby girl” for now. She follows closely behind her mom, Johari, to the public feeding platform.

“She can’t quite reach the platform yet since the platform is over 10 feet tall but she does become at least viewable for the guests, and it’s sporadic because she’ll run off to the back and go hang out with the rest of the giraffes and then she makes her presence a few times a day,” said Davis.

It’s been about four years since the Brevard Zoo has had a baby giraffe. As a female Masai giraffe, she will grow up to 14 and a half to 15 feet tall.