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Central Florida’s Congressional Delegation On Relocating Syrian Refugees


Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D)
“The horrific attacks in Paris and the inhuman violence forcing millions of Syrian families to flee their homes in search of safety is a serious challenge for our nation and world. While we must ensure any prospective-refugee receives the most rigorous scrutiny and screening, it would be outright inhumane to slam the door in the face of desperate mothers seeking a safe place for their children.”

Congressman Alan Grayson (D)
“Congressman Grayson supports President Obama’s policy on accepting immigrants from Syria. Like the President, the Congressman feels that these refugees should be thoroughly vetted before being admitted into the U.S.”

Congressman John Mica (R)
“I think we can’t take that risk. Hopefully in the future we can open up some humanitarian assistance, but right now with what we’ve seen and what I’ve heard I don’t think it’s in the best interest in the United States.”

Congressman Daniel Webster (R)
“The United States continues to supply generous amounts of aid to countries assisting refugees. However, until we can ensure that ISIS will not take advantage of the current humanitarian crisis as a means to infiltrate our soul, we ought to take a pause on enacting the Administration’s Syrian and Iraqi refugee program. The only complete solution to the situation will be achieved by advancing peace and security within Syria and defeating terrorism worldwide.”