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Intersection: Friday News Round Table


Pitbull - Mr Worldwide-  has a contract to promote Florida. But how much is it costing taxpayers? Visit Florida, the public private partnership that promotes the sunshine state, says trust us- it’s a good deal- we just can’t reveal the details. But don’t Floridians have a right to know how their money’s being spent?

Then- GOP presidential hopefuls hit town for the Sunshine Summit. The lineup today includes friends and now rivals South Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and the former Governor Jeb Bush. They’ve sparred on the debate stage and now they’re in front of the party faithful who helped propel their Florida political careers. A tough choice?

And the Orlando Sentinel just published the results of a 10 month study of the Orlando Police Department’s use of force. The Sentinel reports the OPD used force at a higher rate than similar sized police agencies but police chief John Mina says it’s an unfair comparison. The police department’s also equipping more of its officers with body cameras so how will that change the equation?

Join us for the Friday news round table on Intersection.