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Spotlight: Makers Show And Tell Their Creations At Maker Faire Orlando

Photo courtesy of the Maker Effect Foundation.
Photo courtesy of the Maker Effect Foundation.

Maker Faire Orlando –marketed as “the greatest show and tell on earth”—takes place this weekend. Artists and techies of all kinds will show off their science, artwork, crafts, robots and more at Orlando Science Center and Loch Haven Park. Candy Cole is the president of the Maker Effect Foundation, which puts on the local faire.

Cole said whether you're 2 or 92, male or female, there's something there for everyone.

"It is a place where you're not just going to go see booths and buy something that's not the point the point is to learn about what someone made. Maybe you can make something in your own home maybe you can participate next year the whole idea is to share ideas, share what people are learning and share what people are making," said Cole.

She's passionate about "STEAM," science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.

"All of those things together make a well rounded thought process, or in my opinion a well rounded person. If you can build a robot but you can't creatively think about what he's going to do, then there's not much point in building the robot," said Cole.

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