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  • The Seminole County Tax Collector is allowing some of his staff to openly carry firearms. The tax collector, Joel Greenberg, joined Intersection to talk about the policy, along with Dave Couvertier, a former FBI special agent who now runs Dave Couvertier Consulting advising on crime prevention and personal safety.
  • Florida’s legislative session kicks off next Tuesday, and gun bills feature prominently. Some lawmakers have filed bills to allow permit holders to carry their guns in more places- like college campuses and airports. Political analysts Dick Batchelor and Wade Vose discuss the slate of gun bills up for discussion in Tallahassee
  • TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) The Florida Supreme Court says there's nothing wrong with a state law that bans openly carrying handguns.
  • The Florida House passed two controversial gun bills late Wednesday. One would allow gun owners to openly carry their weapons in public places, and the other would allow concealed carry on college campuses. But their future in the Senate is unclear.
  • An “open carry” bill has passed its first hurdle in the Florida House. Orlando Sentinel columnist and editorial writer Darryl Owens says reaction has been complex to the proposal, which would allow the 1.4 million Floridians with concealed weapon permits to carry firearms...without concealing them.
  • A Florida open-carry firearms case may end up before the Florida Supreme Court. An appeals court yesterday upheld a law that bans Floridians from openly carrying firearms for self-defense.