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Intersection: Central Florida reactions to the war in Ukraine; Political analysis of the session & CPAC


As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, Central Floridians with ties to the country are speaking out. 

On this episode of Intersection we speak with Beacon College Psychology professor Oksana Hagerty, and UCF political science lecturer Miroslav Shapovalov. 

Hagerty was born in Ukraine and has been staying in touch with family there as the Russian troops advance. 

Shapovalov has studied the Ukrainian territorial forces that are now playing a key role in the fighting. 

They discuss the stress of watching the war from afar and what the next weeks and months may bring for Ukraine. 

The legislative session is wrapping up. Political commentators Dick Batchelor and Chris Carmody join us to talk about controversial bills headed for the governor’s desk and some of the takeaways from last weekend’s CPAC gathering. 

And Orlando writer Joanie Schirm talks reflects on the conflict in Ukraine and the massive displacement of people fleeing the violence echoes the wars of the 20th Century.