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Intersection: Project Opioid; Craig Waters; Afrofuturism in the Visual Realm


Drug overdoses from Opioids surged in the wake of the pandemic, and project Opioid’s Andrae Bailey wants more people to pay attention. 

This week Bailey’s organization launched a campaign that puts PSAs on billboards throughout Central Florida- directing people to resources where they can get help. 

On this episode of Intersection Bailey talks about his campaign and a push to get Narcan- the lifesaving overdose reversal drug- in the hands of more Floridians. 

Craig Waters steps down as communications director for the Florida Supreme Court next month. we talk with Waters about a 35 year career helping steer the court through the era of the internet and social media. He says the role of a public information officer in promoting transparency of the court is even more important now in an age of eroding trust in government and media. 

And a new exhibition at the Hurston museum reimagines comic book superheroes through the lenses of Afrofuturism, social justice and hip hop. 

Curator Julian Chambliss and Zora Festival committee member Trent Tomengo join us for a conversation about Afrofuturism and comic book art.