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Intersection: Navigating Health Insurance During The Pandemic; Beau Guyott Walks To Tallahassee

Floridians are out of work in massive numbers- either laid off due to the coronavirus or furloughed with a return to work uncertain. So what does that mean for those whose health insurance is tied to their employment? 

What are insurance companies doing to help people worried about losing their coverage, and what impact has the pandemic had on enrollments in the affordable care act? 

On this episode of Intersection we take a closer look at health insurance in the time of coronavirus with Anne Packham, marketplace network director with the Primary Care Access Network and Tony Jenkins, Market President for the Central Region with Florida Blue.

Then- when Beau Guyott lost his job in hospitality- he wanted to do something- not just for himself but for the tens of thousands of Floridians in the same predicament: out of work and struggling with an unemployment system that isn’t doing what it should. Guyott is walking from South Florida to Tallahassee to draw attention to the plight of the suddenly unemployed. We talked to Guyott as he stopped in Orlando.