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Intersection: What's Next For Puerto Rico; Community Partnership Schools; Update On The Guardianship Program

Wanda Vasquez, Puerto Rico’s former Justice Secretary, was sworn in as governor of the island last week, bringing some stability after weeks of protest that prompted the exit of former governor Ricardo Rosello. 

Can Vasquez build trust with Puerto Rican residents frustrated and angry with political corruption, and with the slow pace of recovery after hurricane Maria?  

On this episode of Intersection, we’ll talk to Miami Herald reporter Bianca Padro Ocasio, who was in Puerto Rico covering the protests. 

Then-- community partnership schools take a holistic approach to education, by bringing together healthcare and other community resources. 90.7’s Brendan Byrne talks with UCF’s Amy Ellis, and Jarvis Wheeler with the Children’s Home Society of Florida about this unique approach, and new funding to grow the program. 

And with the spotlight on Florida’s guardianship program after the death of a 75 year old man who had a Do Not Resuscitate order filed against his will-- we’ll have a conversation with the Orlando Sentinel’s Monivette Cordeiro about her reporting on the case-- and what steps are being taken to address problems with the troubled program.