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Internet Of Things And Cybersecurity; FusionFest Celebrates Diversity; Hagrid & Galaxy's Edge: Theme Park Update

What do social media companies do with all of the data they’ve got from you? How sophisticated does a phishing email have to be to work? What’s the downside to the internet of things-- smart watches, smart fridges, smart toys? 

These are some of the questions that keep Dr. Yan Solihin up at night. He’s the director of UCF’s cybersecurity and privacy cluster-- a department in the college of engineering and computer science that’s growing along with the growth in awareness of the need for better cybersecurity. 

Today on Intersection-- a closer look at cybersecurity and the hazards of the Internet of things. 

Then-- fusion fest is a celebration of Central Florida’s cultures and how they influence each other. We’ll chat to Thali Sugisawa and Terry Olsen who are planning this year’s fusion fest, about shining a spotlight on the diversity of Orange County. 

And-- from Star Wars to Harry Potter-- theme parks are unveiling new attractions this summer. Theme park writer Seth Kubersky joins us for a rundown of what’s new at Disney and Universal.