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The Rise Of The Space Age Millennials

Photo: Laura Forczyk
Photo: Laura Forczyk

There’s a new generation leading the charge when it comes to space exploration -- millennials. These 20 and 30 year olds are entering the workforce and academia, driving innovation and pushing humanity farther into the solar system. So what’s motivating these millennials? And what’s different from the group of folks that came before them? We’ll chat with space policy analyst and author Laura Forczyk about her new book “Rise of the Space Age Millennials.

Then, can planets exist outside the orbit of a star? We’ll talk with our panel of experts about the fascinating observations of rogue planets -- how did they escape the gravity of their host star and how do we spot them?

Brendan Byrne is Central Florida Public Media's Assistant News Director, managing the day-to-day operations of the newsroom, editing daily news stories, and managing the organization's internship program. Byrne also hosts Central Florida Public Media's weekly radio show and podcast "Are We There Yet?" which explores human space exploration, and the weekly news roundup podcast "The Wrap."