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Floridians still drying out after epic record rains

While it's not always sunny in the Sunshine state, some Floridans wear their weather stories like a badge of honor. But many with tell you that the tropical downpours from earlier this week got some of the most seasoned natives all wet.

The downpours triggered a rare "high risk" warning of excessive rainfall from the National Weather Service on Thursday. The agency said that overly-saturated soils from the precipitation created the opportunity for flash floods and could bring 10 additional inches of rain in some locations.
About 25 inches of rain – over 2 feet – had fallen in some areas, and forecasters said another 2 to 4 inches of rain is possible through Father's Day weekend.

As of Friday afternoon, the NWS' Miami office said that the "plume of enhanced moisture" that has been sitting over South Florida in recent days has shifted south, with the bulk of it now lying over the Florida Keys.

This week's rainfall set new records in a handful of places, including some as far north as Fort Myers and the Winter Haven Regional Airport, which is about halfway between Tampa Bay and Orlando, according to the weather service.