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Souls to the Polls events encourage Floridians of all faiths to vote this November

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

A Florida nonprofit wants to get more “souls to the polls” this midterm election, by hosting early voting events throughout the state after religious services. 

Starting this Saturday, Souls to the Polls events will rally believers of every faith to vote in the midterm election every weekend through November 7th.

In Central Florida, events are already scheduled to take place in Orange and Brevard counties. 

Executive Director Rev. Rhonda Thomas says the goal is to get as many people registered and voting this election as possible, especially as misinformation about the election process continues to spread. 

“We’re not just encouraging, we’re praying that it will be a successful voter turnout. We’re sharing the history of why voting is so important and how it even lines up with our own faith. And since Faith in Florida is a multiracial, multi-faith, it’s not just coming from the Christian faith, it’s coming from our Muslim faith as well as our Jewish community.”

Thomas says it’s crucial to not only make the voting process easy, but to put it in its historical context, starting with the suffragette movement and Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, to more recent social justice movements.

“It’s still a movement that needs to be passed from legacy to legacy and generation to generation on why it’s so important to vote and how powerful our vote is.”

A Souls to the Polls event will be held at the West Oaks Library in Ocoee on Saturday at 11 am. Election Day is November 8th.

Find a Souls to the Polls event near you.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.