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New law could make it harder to get, keep tenure as a professor in Florida

Photo: Danielle Prieur
Photo: Danielle Prieur

Tenured professors at Florida colleges and universities will be up for review every five years under a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis Tuesday.

Professors with tenure will have to go before their college or university’s board of trustees every five years under the new law. 

Governor Ron DeSantis says this reformed review process will make it easier for schools to fire these veteran faculty as needed.  

“And so now you’re going to be in a situation where, OK, if the productivity is not there. If you’re not adding anything, then you can go your separate ways.”

Taylor Walker is a Florida State Senior majoring in history, and a first-generation college student. She’s all for this change. 

“Myself and my parents worked very hard to get the opportunities that I have today and if we’re paying an institution to guide me in expanding my mind. Should we not be able to hold that institution accountable?”

The new law also requires schools to be accredited by a different agency every cycle and professors to publicly post a list of required reading and syllabi online. 

Experts warn these measures could be used to discriminate against more liberal instructors on campus. 

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.