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Planned White Supremacist Rally Flops In Pinecrest; FBI Warned Village Officials

Photo: Jon Tyson
Photo: Jon Tyson

Only two people showed up for a planned white supremacist rally at a park in Pinecrest over the weekend. As a precaution, police were stationed at Veteran's Wayside Park on Saturday morning.

Michelle Hammontree is the village's communications manager.

"We prepared both for the best scenario and the worst case scenario, and we have it under control."

Hammontree says she's saddened by the group's choice of location for the so-called "White Lives Matter" rally.

"I wonder about the lack of judgement to have this event at Veteran's Wayside Park, where we honor our military. It's a place of honor. It's a place of peace. It's a place that embraces diversity."

The FBI alerted local leaders last week after intercepting posts about the planned event on the social media platform Telegram.