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Mj Rodriguez On 'Pose' And Perseverance

Mj Rodriguez as Blanca on Pose.Pari Dukovic/FX
Mj Rodriguez as Blanca on Pose.Pari Dukovic/FX

As the groundbreaking series Pose comes to a close in its third and final season, Sam talks to Mj Rodriguez about the end of her role as Blanca, the loving and lovable house mother at the center of the show. They also chat about the start of her career as Angel in Rent, channeling grief into her character, and LGBTQIA+ perseverance.
This episode of 'It's Been a Minute' was produced by Liam McBain and edited by Jordana Hochman. Production help came from Jinae West. Engineering help came from Alex Drewenskus. You can follow us on Twitter @NPRItsBeenAMin and email us at samsanders@npr.org.