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Transgender Sports Ban Passes As Amendment To Separate Bill

Carlos Guillermo Smith. Photo: The Florida Channel
Carlos Guillermo Smith. Photo: The Florida Channel

A controversial bill that bans transgender females from competing in girls’ and women’s sports at school and college levels has been sent to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk. 

The ‘fairness in women’s sports’ bill appeared to have died last week after it failed to move out of a Senate committee. 

On Wednesday night, Republican Rep. Kaylee Tuck resurrected it as an amendment to a separate bill- Senate Bill 1028- concerning charter schools. 

Tuck and other supporters of the bill say trans athletes have an unfair advantage. 

Democratic lawmakers, including Orlando Rep. Carlos Smith and Kissimmee Sen. Victor Torres, spoke passionately against the legislation. 

LGBTQ civil rights organization Equality Florida urged lawmakers to listen to voices opposing the amendment and reject what it labeled ‘state sanctioned discrimination.’ 

In a statement, Equality Florida’s director of transgender equality Gina Duncan slammed the bill's sponsors as "extremists." 

“Despite hearing the voices of trans kids and their families time and time again, extremists in the legislature have made it their mission to make trans children pawns in their culture war," said Duncan. 

Senators voted 23 to 16 in favor of the amendment.