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Your Coronavirus Update For Monday: New Cases Dip Below 2,000

Image: Florida Department of Health
Image: Florida Department of Health


Florida reported 1,656 new coronavirus cases according to figures released by the state department of health today. It's the lowest daily case count in the last two weeks. 

Just five days ago the state saw nearly 8,000 new cases in one day. 

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, analyzed by NPR, Florida averaged 6,058 cases per day in the last week- a 12% increase over the week before and a 19% increase compared to two weeks ago. 

Hospitalizations are trending up as well, with more than 3,184 people in hospital with a primary diagnosis of COVID-19 as of Monday. 

More than 2.1 million people have been infected with coronavirus statewide. Some 34,056 Florida residents have died from COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, more than 4.4 million people are fully vaccinated and more than 2.8 million have received their first dose. 

In Orange County, young people account for about 44% of COVID cases, and county leaders are urging young adults to get vaccinated.