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Miami-Dade Launches Solar Co-Op To Expand Clean Energy

Photo: Nuno Marques
Photo: Nuno Marques

Miami-Dade County is launching its own solar co-op to help residents make the switch to clean energy.

The county is working with Solar United Neighbors, a nonprofit that helps homeowners negotiate the process.

"We've been doing hundreds of co-ops across the U.S. and we've done 65 co-ops across Florida. We've done nine different co-ops in Miami Dade. We've done co-ops from the Keys to the Panhandle, around the Orlando area, around Tampa."

Laura Tellez is the group’s local representative. She says once 30 homeowners are signed up, Solar United will get bids to install solar panels and vet the companies. She says there’s no cost to join the co-op. And once the bids are in, there’s no obligation to proceed if homeowners don’t like the terms.

"It can feel intimidating to think, you know, 20 or 25,000 dollars. But if you think about slowly rising energy prices and that is something that we are using every day, there are savings."

The group is holding three virtual meetings over the next three months to answer questions and provide information. For more, go to WLRN.org.