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From the Pages of Orlando Weekly: Orlando’s Arts Organizations have had to pivot in light of the pandemic

Image: Sofia by Wilson Romero, downtownartsdistrict.com
Image: Sofia by Wilson Romero, downtownartsdistrict.com

As the nation turns a page, all of us are ready for fresh beginnings, and not just political. After four years of chaos in government and almost a year of COVID lockdown, everyone is eager for something to celebrate.

And not to be premature, but there’s light on the horizon.

Orlando’s arts organizations have had to pivot in light of the pandemic, and it’s no surprise that they’ve come up with creative solutions to share artistic inspiration with us all along. A good example is the current exhibition at the University of Central Florida Art Gallery, which can be visited in person or enjoyed online in a very well-crafted virtual presentation.

Now monetary help is here to support that ingenuity, in the form of CARES Act funding, patron support and United Arts grants. For instance, the Winter Park Playhouse has been able to rebuild their stage to better distance it from the audience, invest in UV sanitizers and apply a 12-month antiviral treatment to all surfaces. And CityArts has secured funds to roof and renovate their adjoining alley as an outdoor art space.

In this new year, it’s encouraging to see resilience all around us.