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WATCH: NewsNight looks at protecting seniors, affects on kids & space industry

WUCF TV's NewsNight, April 10, 2020
WUCF TV's NewsNight, April 10, 2020

Catch a new episode of WUCF TV's NewsNight on WMFE & WMFV at 6:30 p.m. Mondays.
This week, NewsNight continues its coverage of the latest developments in the spread of the coronavirus in Central Florida. The panel discusses the measures in place to protect senior citizens in the state. They also look at what scientists know about how COVID-19 affects children. And as Space X presses ahead with plans for a crewed launch in May, how is coronavirus impacting the space industry?

Features WMFE reporter Brendan Byrne.

Aired: 04/10/20

Rating: NR

About the show: NewsNight is a weekly program that gathers journalists from a variety of media outlets across the Central Florida area to dive deep into issues that have a wide-ranging impact in our community. Each week, topics will range from evergreen concerns, like education or the environment, to issues with important timely impact. Learn more about our partnership with WUCF TV.