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Deadline Tuesday To Register, Switch Parties Before Florida Primary Election

Photo: via Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office
Photo: via Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office

Florida voters have until Tuesday to register or switch their party affiliation if they want to vote March 17th in the Democratic presidential primary.

Florida has closed primaries, which means anyone not registered as a Democrat will be unable to vote to choose the party’s nominee. Some supervisors of elections have extended hours to accommodate new registrations and party switches.

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis said her office will be open until 7 o’clock the last day.

“That is also the last day to change your party if you’re already registered to participate in the primary," Lewis said. "Since Florida is a closed primary state, you must be registered within the party that is holding the primary in order to vote in the primary.”

But, she adds, people with a Florida driver’s license or ID card can register up until midnight online. You can visit www.RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov to register to vote before the deadline.

“It works with the department of motor vehicles, the driver’s licenses, and pulls that signature over to us so we have a signature for the voter,” Lewis said.

Additionally, 2 million vote-by-mail ballots are also going in the mail. Early voting begins at the beginning of March and lasts through the weekend before the primary.