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Brevard School Board Approves Teacher Contract

A physics teacher writes on his chalkboard in a classroom.

Brevard County teachers will be seeing some extra money in their pockets for the 2019-2020 school year. 

The Brevard School Board unanimously approved a contract for teachers Tuesday night that includes raises and improved working conditions.

Before the school board approved the contract, teachers voted 3,273 to 65 in favor of the contract. Union President Anthony Colucci said that is about a 98% approval. In a video on the Facebook page  for the Brevard Federation of Teachers, Colucci said this was the most positive response to a contract in a decade.

The new contract includes $2,000 for teachers rated highly effective, $1,500 for teachers rated effective, and an additional $1,200 pay raise for teachers with 12 or more years with Brevard Public Schools. 

As for improved work conditions, that includes early dismissal for teachers to get ready for hurricanes, more bereavement time, and an added 835 dollar raise for ESE support facilitator.

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