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UCF Residents Being Allowed Back in Their Rooms After Tower 1 Apartment Threat Lifted


The UCF Police Department say they've made contact with a person who was reported to have a firearm at Tower 1 Apartments. Officials say the person was actually carrying a BB gun.

There is no threat to campus and students living at the on-campus housing are being allowed back in their rooms. The scene has been cleared.

UCF PD released a statement apologizing about how they handled communications surrounding the incident.

"In a situation with heightened stress, we made a poor choice in our initial language. We know this caused undue panic and stress by those we serve and protect, and for that we apologize."

"We are happy that this situation was resolved peacefully. We’ll learn from it, and we’ll do better."

An alert that went out to students, faculty, and staff early Saturday morning called for a "shelter in place" after UCF PD said a "call was received about a person with a firearm in his waistband entering Tower 1."

The Orange County Sheriff's Office supported UCF PD in their response to the scene.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.